Our vision is simple

To create an online marketing network that empowers marketers, by allowing them to openly communicate and collaborate, whilst driving success through innovation and technology.

About FlowCart

FlowCart is a SaaS technology company, located in the growing business and technology hub within Malta. We are passionate about online marketing and the role that technology plays in helping to drive marketing success, which makes the FlowCart network and our propriety technology key to everything that we do.

FlowCart provides a self-service marketing platform and network to individuals, brands, agencies and affiliate networks, which enables them openly communicate and to track and manage their performance marketing campaigns.

Along with providing all of the backend tools and tracking technology for vendors and advertisers to manage their own affiliate programs, FlowCart provides automated invoicing and simple methods for advertisers and affiliates to send payments to their partners.

Not your traditional Affiliate network

At FlowCart, we don’t believe in creating barriers. That’s why unlike traditional networks, where the network manages the relationship and clients are kept at arm’s length from one another, we not only allow advertisers and vendors to contact and work directly with affiliates and publishers, we actually encourage it!

By enabling you to freely contact and work directly with other members of the FlowCart Community, you can lay the foundations for solid long-lasting relationships and grow your sales and revenues much more quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re an individual just starting out, or a large agency or brand, it’s important that you know who you are working with and that your goals are aligned. Through the FlowCart Marketplace, advertisers and vendors can showcase their offerings to over 460,000 affiliates and openly communicate to them through the FlowCart open messenger tool, creating the opportunity to build successful partnerships for years to come.

Would you like to see the difference innovation, technology & collaboration can make to your marketing results?